Thursday, February 25, 2010

photo from a friend.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

random sketching.

i've been working real hard on the dresses for the fashion show in april, however i am a bit behind on schedule because i'm sick :( anyways, here's a photo of some sketches i've done a while ago...

factory girl.

i recently watched the movie "factory girl" starring gorgeous and talented sienna miller who plays the character of edie sedgwick and her life with andy warhol. i loved the movie. it's very sad though, but i love all the outfits and the feel of the movie and i would so love it if i could have lived in the period of time :) here's a few photos from both sienna and edie...

mon petit chat.

i just love her photos :)

[the cherry blossom girl]

Thursday, February 4, 2010


love the shoes. so delicate.

[the cherry blossom girl]


photo from a friend.

i love vintage.

lovin' the sunglasses.


the cherry blossom girl.

i love this fashion blog. it's absolutely adorable and all her photos are just amazingly beautiful. here are a few photos :)

[photo source]

[the cherry blossom girl]

michael sanderson.

i found myself compelled by these michael sanderson fashion illustrations. simple but so beautiful.

"Illustrative designer Michael Sanderson has some serious credentials under his belt – big clients like Victoria’s Secret and a position with Tokyo based agency Taiko & Associates, to name a few – oh and, he’s only 23 years old!"

[complete article]

first dress, fitting number one.

so it's february and only 11 weeks until the final fashion show. here's a couple photos for today's fitting with the model. it's not even half finished but hopefully by next week all the frills and layers will be added and all that will be left is the embroidering... and the other three dresses ;)



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