Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jessica Stam: Sketch + Photoshop.

After looking at an editorial with drop-dead-gorgeous model Jessica Stam, I felt a little bit inspired and decided to do a sketch based on a pose from the photoshoot.

So after doing the usual procedure of scanning the final drawing and transferring it to the computer, I opened up Adobe Photoshop and decided to retouch my sketch a bit. I did a few minor tweaks here and there, increasing the contrast, getting rid of the gray background color that comes using a poor quality scanner (actually in my case, i just haven't figured out how to use the right settings yet), etc. Basically, I just made the sketch a little cleaner.

Then I decided to add a bit of color to it by using your usual Photoshop brush.

Then, I decided to get a bit creative with the black and white version of the sketch...

...which then got a little out of control because I think I got overly excited with it.

Either way, I've decided I'll be doing a series of sketches like these ones and see what I can get out of them.


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