Friday, May 6, 2011

Fly & I.

During my time in Florence, I spent three of my best years working towards who I am today, being influenced by culture, art, music, history, fashion, people and above all making new friendships that have helped shape me into the wonderful person I am today - ahah! Going to Italy was one of the best decisions in my life, especially since it gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many bright and inspiring minds.

In the process of my creative journey, I had the pleasure to come across a very devoted and ingenious designer, who goes by the name David Carmichael, and is one of the main brains behind an independent media design brand called Fly&I.

Fly&I combines a diverse variety of services including Graphic Design, Street Apparel, Film and DJ / Music production. With a variety of gripping and stimulating media designs, this very young yet promising brand is definitely set to take the world by storm. Guided by THE perfect manifesto, they believe in a state of mind that aims to inspire all of us to simply do what we love, with passion and while having fun, using art as a universal language and their ingeniously creative T-shirts as the expression of their way of life.

Starting at only 19,95 euros, Fly&I Threads can be purchased Internationally online at the shop section of their website, or in Florence on Via dell’Ariento 30/R (San Lorenzo). So join the Fly&I Collective, get your T-shirt, and above all, "do what you love, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!" [Fly&I]


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